In September 2006, I decided to take my love of craft beer to the next level and start brewing at home. I came upon the local homebrewing club, Pacific Gravity, and decided to join with the hopes of learning more about my new hobby. What I came to realize after going to a few of the meetings was that not only was there a lack of women, but also noticed that there was less brewing discussion among them. I know for myself, I felt a little intimidated by all of the men and the lack of women to talk beer and brewing with. I imagined that many of the other women felt the same way. I thought it would be great if there could be a place where women could get together to learn, ask questions, share beer and most importantly meet other women who share the same passion for brewing. After some thought I brought up the idea of the women’s only meeting to the board and they agreed it would be something worth trying, and thus the Pacific Gravity ladies branch was born.


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