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Ladies Club 101

In general news and information on February 26, 2009 at 10:10 pm

Ok girls heres the basics of how the pacific gravity ladies brew club works and what you can expect at a meeting. The pacific gravity ladies are a branch of pacific gravity , a co-ed homebrew club located in culver city.  As we are still a young club there is no fee to join but in the future we will be asking you become a member of the Pacific Gravity homebrewers club. Since the club dues provide the funding for our activities this will be a good thing because  more members means more money going into the club which equals more activities for us!

The ladies club meets on the second thursday or every month at the culver city homebrew supply store at 7:30 pm. Every meeting we always brew a batch of beer that is in conjunction with the pacific gravity style theme for the upcoming month. We also have a beer tasting and snacks to much on. Meeting usually last till about 9:30 pm or sometimes untill the beer runs out! The beer that the ladies club brews is then featured at the monthly pacific gravity club meeting the following month, which happens the third thursday of every month at the cluver city home brew supply. For more information on Pacific Gravity itself check the category list on the right. Hopefully this give you all the information needed to come check us out! Any questions can be emailed to me at